Dr Vinay Jadhav explains the importance of determination



The Most Important Factor in Weight Loss- Determination

Dr Vinay Jadhav has a holistic approach towards weight gain and how it can be treated. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, the causes for gaining weight are very basic but people do not know them properly. They easily put forward reasons for weight gain which actually have nothing to do with weight gain. Dr Vinay Jadhav shared his opinions on patients who casually blamed their surgeries, their genetic conditions, their childhood habits or their lifestyle for their weight gain. Dr Vinay Jadhav has been observing such claims and he thinks people should know the basic reasons behind weight gain.
Dr Vinay Jadhav discussed that the main cause of weight gain was a bad, wrong synchronized time or schedule of having meals. This mismanagement which occurs for a really long period of time sees unwanted weight gain in people. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that due to such intake gaps or imbalanced food intake habits, the body does not get sufficient energy round the clock. This in turn inculcates fat forming tendency the body. This happens due to activation of starvation response and body tends to convert energy for storage, to deal with famine situations. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that this is the natural coping mechanism of the body towards hunger or starvation. It has no way to understand that it is being subject to starvation voluntarily.

Dr Vinay Jadhav further clarified that this extreme starvation then causes release of stored energy and this may cause weight loss as happens in severe dieting. The weight loss thus occurring is the body’s way of coping with improper food intake. Dr Vinay Jadhav advocates that just correcting the eating habits is sufficient to cause weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance. He feels that as long as the body receives food at correct intervals and as much as it needs, it functions efficiently and remains healthy.

Dr Vinay Jadhav says that many people give proper advice that one need not eat less for weight loss and how one should balance the carbohydrates, proteins and micro nutrients such as spices and Vitamins and minerals for overall weight management. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav weight management is all about giving the body what it needs in proper proportions and at the correct time. The weight loss with gradually happen without any starvation or other methods because the body will maintain itself on its own. Dr Vinay Jadhav opines that the body is smarter than we think!

Now the question that arises is that why do people gain weight even if they satisfy the body? Where is the problem actually? Is it about the determination or the power of the mind?
If the desire to lose weight is less than strong then a person is bound to succumb to his cravings for food, which is present everywhere. The society also feels that true love is shown by offering eatables or drinks, be that a plate of poha in Maharshtra or some namkeen and plate of biscuits in North India. It is considered a sin by the guest if nothing is offered and a greater sin by the host if the guest refuses to eat! Dr Vinay Jadhav strongly feels that this social custom is the biggest cause of swelling bellies and hips.

Eating for the sake of eating has become an addiction, akin to nicotine addictions. You ask any smoker, what pleasure he derives from smoking, and mostly he will say there is no pleasure at all, and smoking has just become an addiction. Yes definitely in initial months it is high during smoking but over years that pleasure becomes zero, the law of diminishing returns!

Dr Vinay Jadhav thus thinks that food should be eaten to please and satisfy the body. It should not be eaten just for the sake of it or to follow a social custom. It harms the body if you keep on over-eating, finishing the left-overs at a party or eating that extra sandwich just to feel full. Like it is said, to eat is a necessity, but to eat smartly is an art.

Dr Vinay Jadhav says that if you are someone who wants to be fitter and more in shape then you need to first control your mind. Weight loss can be achieved if you are determined to help feel your body good about itself. Once you start understanding its needs, you will automatically start losing weight without much ado. Dr Vinay Jadhav proposes that to be committed to a weight loss program, one should put down all the reasons to lose weight on a paper. This paper should be read daily to renew the enthusiasm to feel healthy and fit.

Dr Vinay Jadhav insists that determination of the mind and its power to lead you to have a better and healthier body is all that you need. You don’t need to stress yourself over something you do not wish to subject your body to; you need to feel the urge to lose weight so strongly that food does not seem like an addiction but actually a means to feel good. Weight loss is not as hard as it seems if you are determined and act upon the needs of your body. Keep a good food intake schedule, consult a dietician or nutrition expert to choose a healthy diet, follow your heart when you want to eat your favorite food and take a walk daily to calm your mind. Join a social support group which will keep you motivated, put your ambitions on paper, identify the reasons you cannot lose weight or the reasons you put on weight, and most importantly, don’t give up.Your will power and determination is your biggest asset when it comes to weight loss. Dr Vinay Jadhav concludes that health is the priority and your body should be taken care of no matter what weight loss program is to be followed.

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*Disclaimer- This article is intended for informative purposes only. The views expressed in this article are the personal views of Dr Vinay Jadhav. Please consult a doctor for medical conditions.