Dr Vinay Jadhav exposes yet another myth

Is rice, sugar and salt a no-no for Weight loss?

Dr.Vinay Jadhav is a fitness and obesity expert. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav the commercialization of the obesity and weight issues that the world has been facing is troubling. This has led people to believe myths and resort to using products like slimming pills, herbal teas, slimming oils, supplements etc. to achieve weight loss. Dr Vinay Jadhav exposes the myth that not eating the three white items- salt, sugar and rice will make you fit and healthy, slim and an in-shape.

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Dr Vinay Jadhav talks about diet teas and related myths

Why Diet Teas don’t work

Dieters are so desperate that they can try anything to lose weight. They are ready to believe any product that is put in front of them and claims to help in losing weight. Diet or herbal teas are widely marketed as products that help in weight loss. Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that people are very misguided about such teas and they do not actually make a big difference in the weight loss process. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, diet teas are supposed to be taken every day. However, green tea or herbal diet teas and their ingredients may differ.

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Dr Vinay Jadhav explains the importance of determination



The Most Important Factor in Weight Loss- Determination

Dr Vinay Jadhav has a holistic approach towards weight gain and how it can be treated. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, the causes for gaining weight are very basic but people do not know them properly. They easily put forward reasons for weight gain which actually have nothing to do with weight gain. Dr Vinay Jadhav shared his opinions on patients who casually blamed their surgeries, their genetic conditions, their childhood habits or their lifestyle for their weight gain. Dr Vinay Jadhav has been observing such claims and he thinks people should know the basic reasons behind weight gain.
Dr Vinay Jadhav discussed that the main cause of weight gain was a bad, wrong synchronized time or schedule of having meals. This mismanagement which occurs for a really long period of time sees unwanted weight gain in people. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that due to such intake gaps or imbalanced food intake habits, the body does not get sufficient energy round the clock. This in turn inculcates fat forming tendency the body. This happens due to activation of starvation response and body tends to convert energy for storage, to deal with famine situations. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that this is the natural coping mechanism of the body towards hunger or starvation. It has no way to understand that it is being subject to starvation voluntarily.

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